Don't Hold Back

We provide the tools to sculpt your body.

Our dedication to providing you with a safe and dynamic fitness space begins with our equipment. Whether you’re looking to shed fat or gain mass, The Gym offers state-of-the-art cardio equipment, weight lifting machines, free weight stations, and all the tools you need to maximize your fitness regimens.

Cardio Equipment

Designed to target heart rate and burn calories, our selection of cardio equipment includes the latest in the treadmill, stationary bike, summit trainer, and elliptical technologies.

 Weight Lifting Machines

With a set-up that allows for individual customization in weight, height, and range of movement, weight lifting machines can be integrated into both your upper and lower body workouts. Our machines add ease of use into muscle endurance and strength training with specific instructions on which muscles you’re working and how to get the most out of your reps.

 Free Weight Stations

Though they require more coordination and control than weight resistance machines, free weights offer a wider variety of lifting options. The range of weight that our free weight selections offer allows for usage by all members, from the beginner to the experienced weightlifter.